Our Mission

Re-nourish is a nonprofit organization that provides online tools and advocates for awareness and action for sustainable systems thinking in the visual communication design community. We aim to help the practicing graphic designer, educator, and student make responsible and pragmatic design decisions for a healthy people, planet, and profit.

About Re-nourish

Re-nourish is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides online tools advocating awareness & action for sustainable systems thinking in the communication design community. We are, at the moment, just two people who want to make things better. We believe that ‘good design’ values people, the environment, and improves lives. Instead, design is currently on an unsustainable path centered on overconsumption, waste, and ignoring the natural systems around us. Re-nourish aims to help the practicing communication designer, educator and student make positive greener, and pragmatic design decisions. Our tools and resources are created to be straightforward and implementable now. Our case studies and blog provide inspiration and knowledge to help designers implement more sustainable strategies.

After all, to ‘renourish’ means to foster, cherish, and strengthen positive growth. Those are our goals and we need help making sure it happens. This will take a committed community. (You.) Join us.


Re-nourish believes in delivering ‘free’ awareness to incite change. We do not accept financial support from advertisers or other commercial interests tied to the design industry. This allows us to remain unbiased to provide information based on our own research, sound environmental science, and industry best practices.

Although we try, we don’t promise to have all the answers. Technology and best practices are changing every day, and we try to keep up! Notice anything amiss? Contact us.

Our Supporters

We are grateful to our supporters who donated. See the full list here.

Speaking & Workshops

Eric and Yvette have traveled the world encouraging others to design for sustainability. We love to share our stories, knowledge, and passion for responsible design through lectures and workshops.

Who we are

Eric Benson

Eric Benson

Co-founder & Partner

Eric Benson was born in Arizona and raised in Mid-Michigan where he later received his BFA in graphic and industrial design from the University of Michigan in 1998. His MFA thesis at the University of Texas became Re-nourish. This work translated into an academic career teaching graphic design at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. At Illinois he runs Fresh Press Agri-Fiber Paper Lab, where he explores sustainable papermaking using corn stover, soy stalks, prairie grasses, and other waste fibers from local farms.

Eric’s creative work has also garnered numerous design awards and hung in notable venues like The Walker Art Center, the Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, the Hammer Museum, the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, and RISD.

Yvette Perullo

Yvette Perullo

Co-founder & Partner

Yvette Perullo is a Boston-based designer and educator. She received her MFA in visual communications design from Purdue University and her MA degree in graphic design from the New England School of Art & Design at Suffolk University where her research focused on developing tools and resources to encourage sustainable design practices―the foundation of her work with Re-nourish.

She has lectured internationally on sustainable graphic design and implements sustainability methodology in her own work and teaching. Yvette is an independent visual and user experience designer based near Boston, Massachusetts specializing in design for organizations and campaigns that make a difference, improve lives, and inspire change.


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Awards and Recognition

16th Annual Communicator Awards

Award of Excellence,  2010

Design Firms Web Award

Winner, Sept. 2009

AIGA (re)Design Awards

3rd Place, Sustainable Organization, 2009

Cooper-Hewitt People's Design Award

Finalist, Smithsonian National Design Awards, 2009

Top Ten Sites for Designers

HOW Design, 2010

Web Pick of the Week

Communication Arts, 2009

A “wonderful web app where designers can figure out the optimum way to utilize printing with as little waste as possible.”
Stefan SagmeisterSagmeister & Walsh
Re-nourish is an “online sustainable design mega-tool…”
HOW Design magazineMay 2010

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Re-nourish has also been featured or mentioned in Graphic Design USA, the Dwell blog, Konigi.com, Freelance Switch, Icograda.org, Felt & Wire, Layers Magazine, Dexigner.com, the Boston Phoenix blog, and other publications.