Design Strategies

Design in the era of 400 ppm (parts per million) of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere means that we are working against the clock to avoid a climate change catastrophe. To create going forward means that we have to reduce our impact and also design to renourish our planet. It means improving our air, water, and land, and then sustaining that progress. The Earth is as much a stakeholder in our design projects as our clients.

We have practical design strategies that you can implement today in your studio or classroom for each of the four areas below:

Design to Renourish


We go into much greater detail on how to use systems thinking in our new book “Design to Renourish: Sustainable Graphic Design in Practice.” The book offers solutions to the real life challenges of working with the client to create sustainable work. Through ten case studies that feature interviews with international design teams who embrace a sustainable systems methodology, the reader will gain valuable insights on how to design to renourish.

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Paper, Printing, and Ink Worksheet

A quick reference guide for sustainable print design best practices.

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Materials Worksheet

A quick reference guide for choosing greener materials.

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