Extra nourishment

Knowledge is power! Ask the best designers how they stay on top of their game, and they’ll tell you: educate yourself and learn about the world around you. Re-nourish has put together a brief collection of additional resources that we believe represent some of the best in current sustainable design thinking. This list is by no means exhaustive; we encourage you to use these resources as a stepping stone on the road to lifelong learning.


Re-nourish recommends the following books. You can find these at your local public library, or order them from your local independent bookseller. If you choose to purchase a new book, we encourage you to plant a tree via Eco Libris.

Environmental and Sustainability Organizations

Greener designers not only create more responsibly, they also support groups that advocate for and help improve clean air, water, and land. Working together gives us greater control and makes us part of a growing community of people of working towards sustainability.