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Thank you to all our supporters

Thank you to all of our supporters from our year-end 2017 fundraiser! Because of your generosity, we're able to keep going and continue to provide the resources to encourage sustainable graphic design. This was the first fundraiser we have done in our 10 years of partnership. While we didn't quite... read more →
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nuts and bolts

AIGA Nuts+Bolts

On Wednesday, June 15, 2016 we presented our talk "Retooling Graphic Design Assignments: Building the Framework for a Sustainable Future" at AIGA Nuts+Bolts in Bowling Green, Ohio.  Historically, to create, we destroy... and we must change this way of designing. In an era of global warming and concerns regarding the... read more →
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Jun 25

Marc O’Brien

From punk rock posters, to websites to designing for social good, Marc O’Brien sits down with Eric to discuss how there is no “right” path to a good design career and his latest work - Secret Project, the Social Good Guides, and ‘Hey What’s Good In?’.
Jun 15

Pamela Napier

Pamela Napier sits down with Eric to share the story of her metamorphosis from hamburger advertiser to design educator and Jed Knight of participatory design. She also dissects why collaborative design is the best way to create and parses through the nuances of designing sustainably and sustainable design.