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TEDxUIUC + Re-nourish

To all who took a few minutes out of their Saturday morning (in the US) and evening (in the UK/China/etc.) to watch my quick explanation of our site – thank you! It was quite an honor to be asked to participate in such a highly regarded lecture series – TEDx.... read more →
Feb 09

Designing the Immaterial

As a university design student “making” was my raison d’etre. It was a ritual to trek up to my studio (in any form of weather) to meet a quota of the somewhat unrealistic number of explorations I aimed to meet daily early on in my career. I felt spiritually satisfied... read more →
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Why a sustainable design revolution must and will happen. Part II: Sustainable ink and the graphic designer

"Sustainable design gives an authentic value to the consumer." - Katarina Graffman (Ethnographer) In the second portion of this continuing essay, I turn my focus to another integral component to the graphic designer's daily language: ink. Ink was developed, for commercial purposes, by the Chinese thousands of years ago and was... read more →
Apr 10