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Fresh Press was founded in 2012 and it’s branding was done hastily to help secure grant funding. Since then, their research focus and products have shifted and consequently their brand has grown in prominence and value. Their handmade sustainable papers share a price point similar to those high end cotton rag papers you’ll find in expensive art stores. However Fresh Press makes their paper with regional Illinois agricultural waste products – making their papers more sustainable than their competitors.

We hoped to create a new brand and packaging their exude their values of transparency, growth, regeneration, and education. This is shown in the data and infographics on the packaging providing details on how the paper was made and also through the more elegant typeface that seems to grow from the center.

Our design won a 2019 GDUSA Graphic Design Award.


Fresh Press was founded on being sustainable. Their new packaging is made from their paper and stamped with water-based inks. In general Fresh Press is doing these things daily to help improve our world:

  • Cook with rainwater

  • Recycle our paper and trimmings back into new paper

  • Recycle cardboard boxes and plastic/glass

  • Utilize 100% off-grid solar power at our SSF facility

  • Use an electric chipper (no gas)

  • Use only local natural materials that can be considered waste

  • Pay a local living wage to our employees

tier 1

Project Credits

Design Studio

Champaign, IL

Creative Director

Eric Benson


Eric Benson
Natalie Smith


Fresh Press



Fresh Press Agricultural Fiber Papers


100% PCW
Agri-fiber Papers




  • Client
  • Date January 13, 2020
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