The standards

What makes a design project sustainable? How can one tell on first glance without transparency? As more and more greenwashing is entering our marketplace, it is important that we help our clients and other designer understand sustainability principles. These Re-nourish Sustainable Standards are not a certification, but instead a logical set of criteria for continued improvement towards a more sustainable economy and future. With this assurance that specific standards have been met and verified, designers now have the power to demonstrate their sustainability efforts, facilitating the implementation of sustainable practices throughout the industry.

The Re-nourish Sustainable Standards are divided into two sections: Print/Packaging and Digital. The Standards require that prior to the launch of any design project, that the team involved spend time deliberating a larger systems thinking approach to a solution.

Re-nourish’s approach to Systems Thinking in design is:

  • Determine project goals
  • Visually map out the design problem
  • Brainstorm design outcomes to reach and connect with audience(s)
  • Evaluate each possible project outcome and its impacts to decide upon what to implement

The Re-nourish Sustainable Standards is further divided into three tiers: one, two and three and is designed to be local to your specific country of residence.

Tier One is the premiere level of achievement and should be sought as the ideal for every print, packaging, systems or UI/UX project.

Projects in this tier are making great strides towards more responsible design. While there is room for improvement, Tier 2 is pushing the industry forward.

This level is attainable by many projects. Tier 3 is designed to be a foundation to build upon to create more sustainable future projects.

How to apply

Individual designers and studios can submit a case study for consideration. Re-nourish will assess each application according to our current standards, review any applicable documentation, and notify the applicant of our decision to include the project in our case studies section.

Submit your project

An Ongoing Process

The primary purpose of The Re-nourish Sustainable Standards is to provide a verifiable context for design projects that is constantly evolving as technologies and processes improve. The Standards are based on the unique issues surrounding the design process, geography, academic and scientific research, and sound sustainability and design theory. As these areas continue to evolve, so do the Standards.

We openly invite comments and suggestions. Please contact us.