Learn how to design using nature’s systems as a guide to renourish our planet.

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About Re-nourish

Re-nourish is a nonprofit organization that provides online tools and advocates for awareness and action for sustainable systems thinking in the visual communication design community. We aim to help the practicing graphic designer, educator, and student make responsible and pragmatic design decisions for a healthy people, planet, and profit. Learn more »

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Project Calculator

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The Re-nourish Project Calculator helps you minimize waste on any print project, reducing your environmental impact and saving your client money by using less paper.

Design to Renourish


Design to Renourish is a book for the graphic design professional that helps to integrate sustainability into their workflow through a design process called systems thinking. The book offers solutions to the real life challenges of working with the client to create sustainable work. Through ten case studies that feature interviews with international design teams who embrace a sustainable systems methodology, the reader will gain valuable insights on how to design to renourish.

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